Oceans In The Clouds

by Goodnight Neverland

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released May 23, 2011



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Goodnight Neverland St. Petersburg, Florida

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Track Name: Weary Mind
Wake up you’re sleeping. The Clockwork stopped beating.

And your mother Warned you. Now the sting may heal in solitude


Its Time to Cope! I need this Worry to leave me alone!

This air is too cold. Our Breathe looks like fog as it leaves through our nose


Pictures bring closure That the normal is over.

With every second The thought remains consistent.


Back to that place… I swear I’ve never been so lost.

Now how I hold a Key to memories with a broken lock.
Track Name: Weather Patterns
Water from the clouds we seek fall at once to form the sea. As we take Cover.

Birds are free, they fly a song. A Symphony of something wrong. When I lost my Mother….

I can’t Feel the bottom! Uhh uhh oh no!


Rainfall! The Weather Patterns Change consistently upon us. We should know… I wish we’d grow!


Pretty Flowers Showered on Lift their faces towards the sun. A graceful setting!

Little Creatures dread the rain, A Flowers joy is an others pain. But it seldom Matters

I can’t stay for long here! uhh uhh oh!


Follow the Rainbows To fool’s Gold and shadows, but that won’t lead you to/your Peaceful meadows