Can't Stop Time

from by Goodnight Neverland



You shine your light sometimes
To prove you're there
To dreams your mind can't find
Like endless stairs

I watch you fall from the sky like stars
As your heart caught fire
So Beautiful, How we find ourselves
When we let go

You can't stop time
We're getting older so you close your eyes
Regretting everything you've left behind
(We're getting older)

Don't let go
Of all the memories that keep them close
You gained the world, but you lost your soul

Falling leaves from trees
A pretty art
The love your eyes can't see
Blinds your heart

We start to fall from the sky like stars
As the whole world burns
It's so beautiful when we lose ourselves
We learn to let go

All the things we've let slip through our hands...
Don't lose your way looking back


from Old Tree, released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Goodnight Neverland St. Petersburg, Florida

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